Pelvic floor dysfunction can affect many aspects of your daily life including sport, exercise and work, playing with your children, laughing with friends or being intimate with your partner. Planning ahead to avoid difficulty with these situations can cause unwanted anxiety – and no one should have to stress about the parts of life that should be fun! Many people deal with the problem by hiding the evidence rather than fixing the underlying cause, but any bladder leakage, no matter how little, is not normal. Given that the exact cause of incontinence is unique to each individual there is no single ‘fix’ or one-size-fits-all approach, it is therefore important that a thorough assessment is undertaken by your women’s health physiotherapist to ensure all underlying issues are addressed. This enables a long term solution to be found that works for you.

Physiotherapy treatment can help improve your incontinence issues through education, hands on techniques and personalised, targeted exercise programs. Pelvic Floor Dysfunction should not have to limit you from participating in what you enjoy. When you seek treatment at myPhysioSA we will develop an individualised treatment program for you, guided by your personal goals and with an understanding of the specific demands of your daily activities. This will help you to learn how to stay healthy and manage the long term physical demands on your body, while personalised goals and a tailored plan helps to aid in a successful recovery.

If you currently have no plan in place to get back to what you want to do, then now is the time! Book an appointment at our Adelaide or Mount Barker clinics now and one of our specialised Women’s Health physiotherapists will help you get back on the path to feeling great again.

If you have any questions, ask our myPhysioSA Guru, or check out our educational videos and articles below for more specific advice and information in regards to incontinence and bladder control.

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