Let us loosen you up

Feeling tight & stiff all the time? Losing flexibility?

You know if you could just really stretch out your tight muscles that you will feel looser and less sore, with more flexibility.

Wish you could get help stretching out in a controlled safe way?

Most of us don’t really know how to stretch our tight muscles properly, or even which ones are tight.

The key advantage of myStretchTherapy practitioner-assisted technique is that you can stretch safely at a level that you could not reach on your own & with no effort from you! Just relax and get stretched.

Our stretch therapist will massage and loosen your muscles first to warm them up ready to be stretched.

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Who is myStretchTherapy for?

1. Everyday people who are worried their flexibility & mobility is getting worse.

2. People who feel tight, stiff & sore, but either don’t really know how to stretch properly or which stretches they need to do, or don’t have the motivation to do it by themselves

3. Weekend sports warriors. You know you should be stretching but you just never get the time to do it properly. You play sport on the weekend and maybe train a session or two during the week, but you are flat out with work and family commitments to have any time to stretch. You know that stretching is important for flexibility and helping to avoid injuries.

4. Serious sporting people. Have a professional stretch that you can’t do yourself. Improve your flexibility to help your performance!

The experience is relaxing and pain-free.  Each session is aimed at creating lasting release of your muscle tension and improving your flexibility by decompressing your joints and unwinding the connective tissue.

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What do I wear?

You are fully clothed. There is no need to undress.

Ladies – please wear below the knee tights or track pants (stretchy).

Gentlemen – please wear track pants (stretchy) or stretchy sports shorts that are at least mid-thigh with bike pants underneath.

Can I choose what muscles are stretched?

Yes you can. We generally have sessions that are either upper or lower body focused, with your spine (back) muscles always included.

Each session can be individually tailored to your needs. Just tell us what feels tight at the start and it will get stretched!

Typically a 30 minute session will focus on either upper or lower body. A 45 minute session can cover the whole body.

What if I have a painful problem with a muscle or joint or the like, can I still have myStretchTherapy?

Yes. myStretchTherapy is pain-free and can be as gentle as you want. We will ensure that we never push into discomfort or pain. We have some great ways to get more flexibility of your muscles and joints without needing to ‘force’ a stretch.