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back pain with lifting or bending exercise physiologist adelaide

Back pain with lifting or bending? Get stronger with these tips: Exercise Physiologist Adelaide

Back pain with lifting or bending?       Is your lower back becoming sore while gardening or lifting?  Lower back pain, strength for lifting, do’s and don’ts   Most people garden for enjoyment, seeing the beauty of plants and flowers grow, or to grow their own food. Gardening can also have a positive impact…


exercise advice fatigue exercise physiologist adelaide

Exercise advice if you get fatigue due to medical issues by Exercise Physiologist Adelaide

Exercise Advice for people with fatigue   Do you have any of the below medical causes of fatigue?   Some examples of medical causes of fatigue are; Cancer Rheumatoid arthritis Fibromyalgia Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Glandular Fever Depression Multiple Sclerosis Persistent Pain Fatigue and Exercise For a lot of people who experience fatigue, exercise would be…


pain medication physio adelaide

What pain medication should I use? by Physio Adelaide

If you have a body ache or pain,such as back, neck or knee pain, what pain medication should you use?       Pain Medication Options There are many types of pain medication. In general all pain medications are referred to as ‘analgesics’. Some analgesics are better for a particular problem then another. With all…