Attention: Special Message Video from David, one of the Founding Partners of myPhysioSA, for people who are ‘uncertain’ of the benefits of seeing a Physio.

We understand the risk involved when deciding to spend money on Physio when you are not sure if it’s even going to help

You are in pain, its affecting your ability to work or do the things you enjoy, and it’s not going away.

We are talking about the type of pain that is nagging in nature, taking the enjoyment out of life by making you change what activities you can do, like playing sport with your kids, or going on a driving holiday.

Are you asking yourself ‘What is the best option to help fix this?’

Seeing a Doctor often means taking strong pain medications, which often have side effects and are only masking the symptoms, they are not fixing the cause. Or they order expensive scans which often don’t lead to any solution for your problem.

Are you confused about all the advice family and friends are giving, or the differing advice on the internet all promising to give you a quick easy fix.

Not really sure what is wrong, and why you are in pain. Finding out what the cause of your pain actually is and then knowing how to firstly ease your pain and then learning how to keep your pain away for the long term is the solution you are looking for.

If this is you, then we can help.

We know some people are worried about ‘wasting’ good money on Physio, when they don’t really know if Physio is going to be helpful.

Or they are sceptical of how or if Physio can actually help, about what Physios actually do, and that there is no guarantee that it will even help their problem.

However, and whatever the reason for “putting off” Physio is, whilst all of this indecision is dragging on, rarely does the pain or stiffness or problem ever go away.

So, We Decided To Create the Simplest Possible Way For People Interested In Living Without Pain… To Come And See For Themselves How Physio Can Help Them Achieve Relief… Free Of Any Cost or Obligation

Option 1

Introducing the ‘Can Physio help my problem free session?’

These sessions are a great way of finding out what your diagnosis is (what is actually causing your pain), find out what a Physio actually does, and how they can help?

In this obligation free session you can:

  • meet one of our experienced Physios, and look around the clinic and meet our reception staff
  • ask as many questions as you want to ease any concerns
  • get an accurate diagnosis; find out what is causing your pain and how it’s been caused
  • find out if Physio will be able to help your particular problem and what the plan to help would be
  • get some free tips and advice that are specific to help your issues to help you get started on the right track
  • get an insight into what a Physiotherapist actually does and more importantly, how we can help you, in a non-committal free session

You’ll Find Out What’s Wrong and Ask Any Questions You May Have

This free session is great for finding out how Physio might be able to help you. Once you know what is wrong, it’s often quite easy to start putting it right!

Option 2

If you have already decided that Physio will help and you are ready to see a Physio then you should book a standard appointment with one of our experienced Physios right now.

If you want immediate treatment and relief of your pain, our ‘Can Physio help me session’ will not be useful for you, as it doesn’t include any treatment for your problem.

In our standard appointments you will receive a full assessment, get a diagnosis, then receive immediate treatment for your problem and leave knowing what you can do to keep it getting better with advice on pain relieving stretches and exercises.

Most importantly you will know and understand the plan that will work to get you back on track fast.

Call 1300 189 289 now to talk to our admin team who will explain the whole process and get you booked to see a Physio who specialises in the problem that you have.

Or complete the below Booking Request form, and our team will promptly call you in business hours.

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Apply Here For The Free 15 Minute  ‘Can Physio help my problem session?’

Please remember: this free session is great for people with any type of pain or stiffness to find out what is causing their problem and to find out how Physio can possibly help.

This session will not include any treatment (hands-on relieving techniques). If you are in a lot of pain and want immediate relief and treatment, then we recommend you choose Option 2 and book a standard Physiotherapy appointment.

All our appointments are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee that means you leave happy with our service or the next session is free.

We offer a limited number of ‘Can Physio help my problem free sessions’, and they are given away on a first come, first served basis.

To secure your session please complete the below form now…

When we receive it, one of our friendly reception staff will call you to schedule your free visit, and they will be able to start answering any questions you may have.

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All your details are 100% safe with us, we will only access these details when helping you.

More About Why You Should Choose myPhysioSA to Help You

We are passionate about being great at helping people!

We really do care about people and helping give solutions to your pain and loss movement.

myPhysioSA has helped over 30 000 people just like you since it was founded in 2003.

Getting you results drives us.

We each have a little Physio nerd inside of us, that drives us to continue to learn and gain experience and skills that we can then use to your benefit to fast-track results and quickly reduce your pain.

Getting you results drives us. myPhysioSA has transformed into a cutting edge, results driven Physio service.

It’s three founding Partners; Tim Bass, David Wilson and Rohan Hattotuwa came together in 2003 with one goal in mind, to create the best Physio clinics in Adelaide.

Why we are great at what we do

To do this we have attracted the best Physio’s and massage staff, put in place a unique system that supports and upskills everyone, and have a support team that delivers the highest level of customer service.

We provide Physiotherapy services to: